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The New Edinburgh Community and Arts Centre (Nectar) has been at the centre of the community for more than 10 years. We’re home to memorable experiences and wonderful people. 

Nectar welcomes all members of the community to its board meetings. If you would like to get involved, contact our office for details.

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Our Board of Directors

Sean Flynn – Chair
Born and raised in Ottawa, Sean Flynn has very strong personal and family ties to our Nation's Capital. Sean graduated from the University of Ottawa's Computer Engineering program and has since taken on a diverse set of challenging Engineering and R&D roles in Ottawa's flourishing telecom, aerospace, and defence sectors. More recently, having lived in a variety of neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Sean and his family have settled in New Edinburgh, where Sean became acquainted with the very active community groups in the area. Sean was particularly interested in Nectar (then known as the 4C's) given their diverse program offerings and the opportunity to help young families such as his. Upon joining the Board of Directors, Sean has been keen on seeing the organization continue on a path of sustainable growth that provides unique programming and services to the diverse communities in the area, particularly the growing arts community.

Isobel Bisby – Vice Chair
A retired teacher, adult literacy specialist  and community developer, Isobel is now an active community volunteer, and spends her time supporting Nectar, Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks, Beechwood Village Alliance, and Heartwood House. Isobel has a particular interest in social justice issues and helping others engage in their community by developing healthy communities.

Cindy Ryley – Secretary
Cindy Ryley has been an active member of the community for thirty years. She was co-owner and the creative force of a small business which expanded to be a company with 25 employees. Since retiring from the business she has been involved as a volunteer at the Ottawa Art Gallery and participated in numerous classes at Nectar. Most recently, Cindy is the author of a cookbook on her years as owner of a food store and catering business.

Bethann Robin – Treasurer
Bethann Robin has been on the Nectar board of directors since its inception. Starting as its inaugural Secretary her dedication has led to her role as its eventual Chair — a position she held for two terms. Bethann now sits as the past Chair and is valued for her corporate knowledge, keen eye and detail oriented presence. Her position with the Canadian Revenue Agency keeps the organization on the straight and narrow. Bethann, is an active supporter of community and for providing equal opportunity to all to contribute, play and live together in harmony.

David Horley
David Horley is the former Vice Chair of Nectar's board of directors and is on the board of the Ottawa Branch, National Association of Federal Retirees. For the majority of those years, he served as Chairperson of the communications committee. Prior to that, he was editor of the Ottawa Branch Report.

He has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry (Queen’s) plus MBA credits from York. Initially, he worked at Polymer Corporation and then the Ontario Department of Trade and Development before joining the federal government. He first was at Industry, Trade and Development then was transferred to Foreign Affairs International Trade. Five postings abroad included an assignment at Alternate Director for Canada and Morocco at the European Bank. After retirement he served as Resident Director for Oxfam Quebec in Hanoi.

Jennifer Barbarie
Jennifer Barbarie is a retired diplomat, and a former teacher. Her last two postings with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) were as Head of Advocacy and Outreach at the Canadian High Commission in Great Britain, and as Commercial Counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. As a Trade Commissioner with DFAIT she amassed significant experience in business development and marketing. A graduate of McGill University, her interests include theatre, photography and travel.

Our Staff

Paul Tonkin – General Manager

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