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Membership with Nectar comes with so many benefits! Not only will you receive a monthly newsletter giving you the rundown of all our events and classes, but you will also receive a discount on ticketed special events! A family membership means that every single person in your family enjoys these same benefits too. 

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Volunteer Positions

We are always looking for volunteers and are so thankful for any time you can give! If you are interested in volunteering at Nectar please email us at We will add you to our list and let you know about any new volunteer opportunities. You can scroll through our list below to see how you can help. 


Would you have some time to help with the Nectar Membership Drive? Nectar volunteers are presently going door-to-door signing people up. The response so far has been fantastic, and the more people on board the better! We will provide an orientation at a time that works for you. If you are unable to go door-to-door but would still like to assist, we always appreciate people helping to organise our database here at the office.

Community Building Events

Special Events - Nectar’s regular schedule of special events, such as movie nights and vernissages (art exhibits), makes an enormous contribution to the collective life of our community. But popular as they are, these activities take planning and organization, and volunteer support is always needed to make them a success. This is an ideal opportunity to make new friends if you’re new to community, or to meet and greet old ones if you’re a longtime resident. It’s not onerous, and it’s always fun!


Fundraising Committee - In order for Nectar to continue putting on quality events and much needed programs in our community we do need financial support.  We are looking people to join our Fundraising Committee.  Experience with fundraising would be great but volunteers with enthusiasm and new ideas are the key to our success.

Lumière Festival

Lumière Organizing Committee - Planning, Administration, Media, Volunteer Coordination, Artist and Performer Liaison, Site Planning, Labyrinth Design and much, much more is needed to make the Festival happen each year.  Please consider joining the team!

Lantern Caretaker Team - We are looking to establish a Lantern Caretaker Team to meet monthly at Nectar.  This will be a fun group activity – you can chat it up as you repair of our existing lantern inventory and help create new ones.  No experience necessary.  Bring a friend! 


Grounds Keeper - To help keep the house neat and trim, allow for easy access and to maintain our lovely appearance, we need volunteers who would ensure that pathways, porches and walkways are clear of debris; cut the grass; shovel snow; and in the spring, assist with the upkeep and beautification of plantings around the house.

Kitchen Assistants - Keeping the kitchen neat and tidy is a challenge.  We would like it to be a welcoming environment so neighbours could enjoy popping in for tea or coffee and chatting about Nectar programming, community needs or just saying hi.  A few kitchen assistants who could drop in now and then to keep it looking fresh would be very much appreciated.  A stay at home Mom or Dad could bring their kids along while they volunteer!


Web Master - We are very excited about our new website and are looking for a web master who can keep it updated for us.  Content would be sent to you and training will be provided.  This is a great job for someone who might have some free time in the evening once the kids go to bed.

Home Deliveries - While we are proud of our website, we realize that many people depend on the paper copy of the Nectar Guide. We are looking for volunteers to deliver our guide door to door, just three times a year in December, February and August. 


Instructor - Looking for volunteers with a skill or hobby they are passionate about and would like to share with others in a workshop setting. 

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