A Message to the Community

Exciting times ahead for the New Edinburgh House

BIG NEWS! The Ottawa Art Association (OAA) has a new venue for exhibiting their paintings at the Nectar Art Gallery, 255 McKay Street in Ottawa – located in New Edinburgh. Beginning Tuesday, March 5, 2019, OAA members will be able to submit their artwork to go on exhibit for one month at Nectar! This new location offers generous space to hang artwork on the walls in the Gallery and will allow be host for the OAA Spring Award Show and as well as a Fall Show later in the year. OAA members will be volunteering opening the Nectar Centre to the public at various days and time other than their normal Tuesday and Thursday business hours of 1-6p. More details and information about the upcoming show dates, workshops, spring award show, and More to follow. Hope to see you soon at Your Nectar Community & Arts Centre!

Are you planning a Seasonal Celebration this year? Nectar invites you to hold one at 255 Mackay which has a beautiful community room suitable for small functions, and which includes a kitchen facility. This heritage house with old style charm and atmosphere continues to be available for community use until close of sale. Please contact Paul at 613 745 2742 or nectarcentregm@gmail.com

Status of NECTAR Sale!!
We have been waiting for the outcome of the conditional sale of the House which was to close on Friday September 28, 2018. Unfortunately, the process has been interrupted by two appeals to the City regarding the zoning application, and until this has been resolved Nectar remains the owner of 255 MacKay. So we have SPACE to rent! This is great news for the community as we continue to be open for business and encourage YOU to rent the Community Room or the Attic spaces which includes use of the kitchen. Do YOU have an activity to bring to the House? We would be delighted to rent you space, ideal for a Cookie bake or another cooking idea, an art activity, a family activity, a scrabble/chess group, or musical evening. The list is endless and there are times available mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Paul Tonkin will continue as the Nectar part time general manager working on site on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-6pm and can be reached at nectarcentregm@gmail.com or 613.745.2742. If you have an interest in becoming more involved at Nectar please contact Paul and he will direct you to a member of the board.

The Nectar Mindful Meditation Circle meets every Wednesday for an hour starting at 1:15pm at 255 Mackay. We are a small group ranging from 4 to 8 people. It is an informal gathering which includes gentle yoga, walking and sitting meditation. The sessions are led by the participants, and we usually listen to well-known guided meditations. We welcome everyone with little or extensive experience. The sessions are free but we appreciate a donation which goes towards the operation of the House. Please call me on my cell if you have further questions. I will add you to our email list if you wish. Cell 613.304.7919.

Scrabble enthusiasts are meeting at Nectar on Thursday's at 2pm, 255 Mackay to enjoy a friendly game of scrabble. We plan to meet biweekly but will do whatever the group decides! Free or with donation. Contact nectarcentregm@gmail.com or call 613 745 2742 if interested.

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